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Update 5.5.22

Updated: May 18, 2022

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate and determine our new normal. We truly appreciate each of you and your understanding as we continue to adjust.

We are in the process of establishing new communication tools to ensure consistent communication with you. You will be receiving email updates weekly for the foreseeable future. We are also working on a webpage dedicated to sharing information and pictures about the rebuilding process. We are currently without internet and phone service at the campus, so most of the team is working remotely. The main line is going to a cell phone. We hope to have this rectified at the end of next week.

We will begin town halls for updates on the progress starting this month. You should have received an invite via email last night. We will continue these monthly going forward. They will be a time for you to ask Albert Castaneda, Pointe Development Chief Development Officer, and myself questions and voice concerns. As always, the team will continue to reach out individually and help you navigate the emotional and logistical challenges the fire has created. While we will have some bumps in the road, we are committed to our mission to enhance your lives.

Below please see an update on the activities occurring on the Ovation campus over the last few days.

Accomplishments as of 5/5/2022:

Maxwell Plaza was cleaned and some landscaping has been removed.

Ovation East parking lot has been re-striped.

Inventory has been completed of all items being salvaged from the North half of the building. This would include items such as appliances, art, and furniture. Feel free to ask us how many books were in the theater! It is a bit surprising how many they had in there. I have attached a few pictures provided by our restoration company, Belfor.

They have begun packing the items for cleaning/storage that were inventoried.

Removal of carpet on the first-floor common areas is in process and may be completed by the time you receive this. You can see that carpet has been removed in some of the photos.

They brought in a generator to run fans and other equipment to help dry the building out in designated areas.

Exterior supports for the southwest corner of Ovation East has been installed. You can see pictures below of the area.

It is astonishing how much has been accomplished in just a couple of days. Again, thank you for your continued support. We are on our path to the next phase.

Kind regards,

Stephanie Grade

General Manager

p 402.999.7900

m 402.800.4643


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