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Update 5.10.22

We again thank you for your continued support during this time. We look forward to seeing you at the town hall Wednesday afternoon where we have a panel of leaders to provide updates and answer your questions. The panel includes Albert Castaneda (Chief Development Officer, Point Development Company), Nicolette Reilly (President, Ovation), Sarah Silva (President, Arete Living), and myself.

As a reminder, please RSVP to

We are honored to have Rick Miller and Ron Odermott in Omaha this Thursday, along with our equity and banking partners.

Below are our recent accomplishments.

Ovation East

  • Dan Taylor, State Licensing Board, has agreed with the Fire Marshall that we are safe to open.

  • Once we have verified all systems are operational, we may alert the state to come for survey. We estimate it may take a week to get back on the surveyor schedule.

  • We have been successful in re-engaging three of our four internet networks. Our network provider and corporate IT department are currently troubleshooting the final network. The network in question is where our phones and staff internet is provided.

  • Our network partners are starting the process of working with local providers to talk about moving our critical infrastructure components into the Ovation East (AL/MC) building to ensure no challenges with service occur once construction starts on Ovation West (IL).

Ovation West

  • Belfor restoration has completed 95% of the demolition on the fourth floor as deemed appropriate. They are now starting on third floor and placing equipment to aid the drying out of the building strategically.

  • Most of the carpet and glue has been removed from the first-floor common areas.

  • Furniture and art are being prepared to go off-site for cleaning and storage.

  • They are working on the additional bolstering of the south side of the building to create a safe environment for the teams of investigators to inspect on the 17th. The investigators will meet at the building from the 17-20th to view all areas of interest.

  • The road to the south of the community will be closed on Thursday/Friday for a crane to work on the demolition of the fourth floor.

  • Construction of a trash chute can be seen on the southwest side of the building to be used in the very near future.

Over the next couple of months, we will see moments of great progress and then weeks when it feels like little has taken place, as some steps take longer than others and are not visible to us. Know that progress is in action on both buildings.

Thank you again for your support. Please know we are here for you in this time of need. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and I hope to see you at the upcoming town hall.

Kind regards,

Stephanie Grade

General Manager

p 402.999.7900

m 402.800.4643


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